Do whatever it takes to win.

We are building the best business in the world. Getting to this place and staying there is not easy. We have to be relentlessly focused on doing anything required to maintain this position, even if it’s not in your job description.


Do what’s right for our customers.

Our customers are our business. If they aren’t happy, then we shouldn’t be. We should always do what’s in their best interest even if that requires unpopular or non-scalable solutions.



Our team does not work without complete trust. We must fully trust every member on our team. Without this, how could we move faster than our competition?


Quick Decision Making

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week.” – General George Patton. We must focus on when a decision is made more than what decision is made, while not being reckless, to stay in front of competition.


Constantly Improving

Ourselves, our team, and our business. We must constantly improve all of these things to ensure we stay ahead and deliver the best products possible to our customers. Don’t accept the status quo, question it, and improve it.


Nothing is impossible.

We are building and leading a new industry. To continue doing this, we must never let ourselves believe that something cannot be done. We must always operate as if there are no limits.



We are not a business built on secrets. Honest communication enables us to learn from mistakes quickly and rally the team around the important things.



We have the best team in the world, and we will remain the best team in the world if we continually work together to solve problems for each other and our customers. Great ideas can come from anyone on the team, regardless of their title.


Iterate to find the best solution.

Start with the simplest solution that could work, then keep improving it until it is the best possible solution. This way we can get solutions in place quickly and learn if our basic assumptions of the problem are correct or not.


Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Chances are someone has already done the thing you are trying to do. Learn from them and improve rather than start from scratch.


Automate everything.

We should focus on ensuring that we are not spending time repeating ourselves. Anything repeatable can be automated, then we can focus on the important and new things.