The Art of Bundling: Multiple Pricing Strategy

by Green Bits Jan 19, 2017 General

Part of the allure of any retail business stems from the diversity of its offerings. As a cannabis retailer, you’ve probably spent a considerable amount of time selecting products that will retain existing customers and attract new ones. 

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The Simplest Way to Price Products: Keystone Pricing

by Green Bits Jan 12, 2017 General

Cannabis retailers, just like other business owners, share a common concern: inventory pricing. You may be struggling to determine how to price your products given your competition or the newness of your business. To simplify this complex...

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Why Your Data is Safe With Green Bits

by Green Bits Jan 11, 2017 General

Green Bits uses multiple databases. If one fails, another one will pick up where it left off.


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Cannabis Retailers Could Lose Up to $43,000 Per Day in Sales if their POS System Crashed

by Green Bits Jan 10, 2017 General

News broke this week about a point-of-sale system crash that affected over 1,000 dispensaries and cannabis retailers across the United States. The cause is unknown, but it is being contributed to an alleged cyber attack.

The 1,000+ stores...

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Now Available: How to Price Your Products - A Guide for Marijuana Retailers

by Green Bits Jan 05, 2017 General

We're happy to announce that our guide on strategically pricing products in a marijuana retail store is available!

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2 Articles Explaining Why You Should Have a Newsletter

Why Newsletters are Important

Newsletters (most commonly delivered via email) are important because they’re a way for marijuana retailers to provide timely, relevant, and useful information to their customers.

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A Bud & Leaf - Store Highlight

by Justin Gabriel Dec 29, 2016 General

An interview with Jim Sulton, Co-Owner and President of A Bud and Leaf.

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3 Articles About Retail Best Practices (and How They Can Help Marijuana Retailers)

Why Understanding Retail Best Practices is Important

Understanding retail best practices can help you deliver the experience, products, and level of service that your customers desire. 

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5 Tips for Managing Budtenders

by Green Bits Dec 23, 2016 General, The Basics

While the main job of a budtender is to dispense marijuana, they also have to be able to educate and delight customers. The tips below will help you manage your budtender staff more efficiently so that your employees become another reason that...

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Loyalty Programs: Blazing a Trail for Happy Customers

by Green Bits Dec 22, 2016 Features

The Green Bits loyalty program allows your customers to earn points for purchases made at any of your store locations.

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