Why We Partnered With HackerOne to Help Secure Dispensary Data

by Green Bits Jun 30, 2017 General, Rest Easy

At Green Bits, we understand the importance of data security.

As a cannabis retailer, your data often consists of sales, inventory, customers, patients, and more. We take your trust in securing that data seriously, and have implemented tech...

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Why and How We Created an Advanced Reporting System for Our Customers

by Green Bits Jun 05, 2017 Features, General

Why timely and accurate reporting is important

Up-to-the minute, accurate reporting allows cannabis retailers to make informed business decisions to:

  • Increase revenue
  • Streamline operations
  • Delight customers
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8 Security Tips To Help Cannabis Retailers Secure Their Investments

by Green Bits May 09, 2017 General

Author Bio

Ralph Goodman is a professional writer and the resident expert on locks and security over atthe Lock Blog. The Lock Blog is a great resource to learn about keys, locks and safety. Theyoffer tips, advice and how-to’s for consumers,...

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3 Customer Experience Tips for Dispensaries

by Green Bits May 02, 2017 General

By Eli Sklarin

This post originally appeared on Baker Technologies’ Blog.

Baker Technologies is the leading retail marketing platform in the cannabis industry. Today more than 300 recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries in 13 states use...

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NCIA Board of Directors Nominee: Ben Curren

by Green Bits Apr 28, 2017 General


About Ben Curren

CEO, Co-Founder of Green Bits

Ben is dedicated to creating innovative, easy-to-use products that help small businesses delight customers, drive revenue, and streamline operations. After working on QuickBooks as a senior...

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A Budtender's Take on Green Bits

by Green Bits Apr 21, 2017 General

By Jared Michelman, Budtender @ Have a Heart

I’ve worked in retail for some time now and learned there are three responsibilities retail associates and budtenders have:

  1. Offer great customer service,
  2. Educate customers on products, and 
  3. Sell as...
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The Difficulties of Advertising in the Cannabis Industry

by Green Bits Mar 24, 2017 General

You would think that cannabis is a product that would sell itself. It does to a certain extent, but if you want people to come to your vaping shop or cannabis retail store over the competition, you might be bewildered by the different rules...

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Think You Have Streamlined Store Operations? Think Again.

by Green Bits Mar 15, 2017 General, The Basics

It’s hard to think of a market developing and budding as rapidly as the recreational cannabis industry. In fact, Forbes recently reported that legal marijuana sales skyrocketed in 2016, amassing $6.7 billion in total revenue - a 30% increase in...

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Don’t Assemble It Yourself When It Comes to Seed to Sale Software

by Green Bits Mar 07, 2017 General, The Basics

While the regulations around maintaining compliance may be constantly changing, seed to sale tracking remains critical to keeping one’s license. Tracking every package ID can be a complicated task, especially if your retail management operations...

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Oregon Marijuana Laws: How to Avoid the Headache of Manual Compliance

by Green Bits Feb 16, 2017 General, Oregon

Have you read through the entirety of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s guide of general requirements for recreational marijuana licenses?

If you haven’t made your way through its entirety, we’re here to help.

To put it simply— the minutiae...

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