Oregon Marijuana Laws: How to Avoid the Headache of Manual Compliance

by Green Bits Feb 16, 2017 General, Oregon

Have you read through the entirety of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s guide of general requirements for recreational marijuana licenses?

If you haven’t made your way through its entirety, we’re here to help.

To put it simply— the minutiae...

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Colorado Dispensary Laws: 5 Key Items to Remember

by Green Bits Feb 14, 2017 General, Colorado

Navigating the world of Colorado dispensary laws can be a tricky balancing act, as there are constantly changing regulatory requirements and industry standards that come with exponential growth. Here are some key facts to be mindful of that the ...

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Infographic: 5 Cannabis Retail Themes of 2016

by Green Bits Feb 10, 2017 General

Take a look at 5 most surprising cannabis retail themes of 2016!


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Advertising Savings: Anchor Pricing Strategy

by Green Bits Feb 09, 2017 General

How do you know when you’re getting a good deal? Is it because some unknown party told you so (maybe even without you realizing it)? In the psychology of pricing, consumers often make selections by comparing one price against another. Take...

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Premium Pricing: Above Competition Pricing Strategy

by Green Bits Feb 07, 2017 General

Have you dreamed of having the highest prices in town and the largest market share? Of course, you have! And why not? There’s something to be said for being the go-to one-stop shop that has the best quality merchandise while raking in a healthy...

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Undercutting Competitors: Below Competition Pricing Strategy

by Green Bits Feb 02, 2017 General

Pricing your cannabis products correctly is one of the biggest decisions you make as a retail shop owner. Sky high stickers mean products may sit long beyond their lifespan. Price things too low for too long and you may have to close your doors....

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The Scientific Pricing Strategy: Psychological Pricing

by Green Bits Jan 31, 2017 General

Have you ever wondered how a 99 Cents Only store stays in business? What about the exorbitant prices Nike charges for its products? Have you ever been lured to buy more than you intended because a BOGO offer seemed too good to pass up? If you...

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2020 Solutions - Store Highlight

by Green Bits Jan 27, 2017 General

An interview with Aaron Nelson, Director of Actualization and Senior Vice President of Operations of 2020 Solutions in Bellingham, Washington.

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Everyone Loves a Sale: Discount Pricing Strategy

by Green Bits Jan 26, 2017 General

Are you a bargain hunter? Do you live for the thrill of a good deal? Some customers thrive on the nonstop chase for a discount, but if you’ve ever wondered if having the lowest price in town will make you the belle of the budding cannabis ball,...

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How Low Can You Go? Loss-Leading Pricing Strategy

by Green Bits Jan 24, 2017 General

Have you ever been lured into a store by an ad for a product that was drastically reduced? Ever read the fine print about how many $800 HDTVs were being sold for just $399?

If so, then you may have wondered how and why stores run promotions when...

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