Introducing Greenbits Rise. Our dispensary management software sets a new standard for regulated retail. Rise takes reliability and stability to the next level. Compliance, traceability, and simplifying inventory management have never been easier. Greenbits serves more retailers, processes more transactions, and rings more sales than any other retail platform.

Master the Art of Cannabis Retail

Greenbits simplifies the complexities of cannabis commerce, making regulated retail function like regular retail. By helping you optimize operations and maximize performance, Greenbits dispensary POS software elevates cannabis retail to a more efficient and enjoyable experience for you and your customers.

Harness the Power of Data

Greenbits cannabis dispensary software automates data-driven insights to promote faster and better decision-making, empowering you to operate, protect, and grow your business with efficiency and ease.

Enhance your Team with Expertise

Greenbits dispensary software puts cutting-edge technology at your fingertips and a diverse team of experts by your side. With our world-class team of compliance, engineering, security, industry, and support professionals, we help you navigate a complex and fast-moving market with ease.

Our Success is Measured by Yours


retail locations running
on Greenbits

$4 Billion

in sales processed

365 – Day

world class support always
ready to help


reliable uptime hosted on
Amazon Web Services


Greenbits Integrated Payments Solution

With a simple streamlined checkout process, Greenbits integrates your card reader directly to your point of sale.

Customer Stories

Successful cannabis retailers all have one thing in common: Greenbits

Oasis Cannabis Dispensary: Greenbits Cannabis POS Success

Greenbits enabled us to increase our sales volumes from about 300 sales a day to 1,000.

Greenworks Dispensary: Greenbits Cannabis POS Success

With Greenbits, we can keep track of everything and get access to all the data we need. This helps us leverage the discipline of ...

Oregon’s Finest Dispensary: Greenbits Cannabis POS Success

Greenbits empowers my employees to make decisions that keep customers happy, and also keeps us compliant.

Colorado Harvest Company: Success With Greenbits POS

Greenbits is a platform that can grow with us. It seamlessly integrates into Metrc, which saves time and reduces errors. It is very quick, ...

Altitude Dispensary: Marijuana POS System with Greenbits

Before Greenbits, we were accustomed to an environment where things would stall. With Greenbits, the system is stable and transactions are fast.

Lux Pot Shop: Dispensary Success Story | Greenbits

We felt very lucky that we found Greenbits. Once we met with the team, we immediately understood where Greenbits was coming from and what ...

Jardin Dispensary Las Vegas: Greenbits Success Story

The prior system took weeks to train on and it had constant issues. It took us a day to train on Greenbits.

DENREC Dispensary Success: Streamlined POS Operations

That’s one of things I really like about Greenbits. When we discover things we’d like to improve in the business, Greenbits is ...


Greenbits serves the largest and fastest growing network of cannabis retailers nationwide, processing one-third of all cannabis sales.

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