Marijuana retail
is demanding.

Every day 1800+ Green Bits POS users meet those demands
with speed, accuracy, and automated compliance.


How it Works

Designed from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with your store’s workflow.

An iPad-Based Register app Build for speed and simplicity, the Register is easy to set-up, easy to learn. All transaction data syncs to the cloud. But if the internet goes down, the Register doesn’t — it simply sends the data once your back online.
Web-based Back Office for Inventory


Our Register app is iPad based, so the user interface is quick, clean, user-friendly, and easy to learn.

Transactions sync to the cloud so you can access the data for analysis.

When your wi-fi goes down, the Register keeps ringing and resumes synching when the internet is back up.


Securely access sales reports anytime, from any device.

Slice and dice sales and inventory data however you need it.

Access our flexible cash management options, budtender activity, user permissions, discount plans or loyalty programs.


Access sales and inventory from any computer with a browser.

Use our streamlined interface to manage your product catalog. Behind the scenes, Green Bits tracks inventory by lots, batches, and package IDs, to simplify your control of multiple SKUs within the same product.


Green Bits syncs seamlessly with the State API to automatically upload compliance data — sales, inventory transfers, adjustments, and taxes — behind the scenes.

Download manifests from processors without leaving Green Bits, ensuring your store is always in sync with the state.