Thrive with Real-Time
Traceability & Metrc Track and Trace

Greenbits ensures complete Metrc compliance at all times with a suite of traceability tools customized to the unique reporting requirements of your state’s track-and-trace system.

Maintain Compliance with Real-Time Traceability

Our comprehensive traceability technology monitors the entire retail environment. We trace every move and track every transaction in real-time, keeping you compliant all the time.

Relax with State-Specific Integration

Greenbits is fully customized to the unique requirements of your state’s track-and-trace system. No matter your location, Greenbits automatically syncs your required data to your state’s traceability system in real-time with 100% accuracy.

Eliminate the Complexity of Traceability

Greenbits maps inventory types directly to API specs, hard-codes purchase limits per regulations, and automatically syncs manifests with your state’s track-and-trace system. We’ve got this, because you’ve got better things to do with your time.

Customer Stories

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