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Oregon's Finest

Oregon’s Finest Automates Compliance Management with the Help of Green Bits

Leigha Christensen, Manager
May 4, 2017
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With a clear mission and a successful track record, Oregon’s Finest knows how to thrive in the cannabis industry. The company strives to promote health through the finest cannabis as a leading regenerative organization.

“Everybody has their own perception of quality. For me, I can stand behind the product we sell here,” say Leigha Christensen, Manager at Oregon's Finest.

And as the first licensed dispensary in the state, Oregon’s Finest knows a thing or two about quality. Starting with a single location that opened in 2012, Oregon’s Finest now operates two stores, including its newest location across the street from the Oregon Convention Center.



As Oregon transitioned to a recreational market, cannabis retailers had to transition too. In order to remain compliant, the state required daily reporting and mandated that reporting discrepancies remain with a narrow tolerance. “Once the OLCC [Oregon Liquor Control Commission] took over, it became very difficult to report properly to the state.”

With her prior system, Leigha and her staff were consumed with manual data entry. “I would wake up early every morning and build my spreadsheet. Then me and two other people would manually load the information into the state system. It was not fun at all.” 

Not only was this process tedious, but it was error-prone. While the state mandates tight controls, Oregon’s Finest holds its employees to an even higher standard when reconciling reports. “That was a big struggle for me. Our old system did not break things down the way I needed. I had to do a lot of research each day.”

"Green Bits is able to support us. We understand the system and the company’s direction. It allows us to play the long game."


Leigha Christensen, Manager
Oregon's Finest

Green Bits Solution

With Green Bits, Leigha spends her time focused on fulfilling the company’s mission rather than waking early to manage compliance. Green Bits has her covered. With an intuitive and automated system that is aligned with the operating procedures of Oregon’s Finest, Leigha no longer spends time doing research to reconcile reports. “Green Bits has a check-and-balance system that keeps us organized and keeps us compliant.”

Further, Green Bits helps Leigha empower her staff. With compliance automation and various controls built-in at the register, budtenders no longer seek out a store manager to complete every transaction. “I want to empower my employees to make decisions [on returns and exchanges] that keep customers happy yet also keep us compliant. Green Bits allows us the opportunity to do that.”

Oregon's Finest



With Green Bits, Leigha saves precious time. Instead of investing 30 minutes every morning to load information into Oregon’s state system, Leigha can tend to other things.

With more than 15 extra hours each month, Leigha focuses on providing quality cannabis to local and out-of-town visitors. “Our owners, our management and our entire staff have the same goal in mind – to give back to our community and to be here for the long haul.”

“Green Bits made it simple. Usually, when you implement something new, it takes time to get used to it. When we started using Green Bits, all I heard was how much better it was than our previous system. I appreciate that a lot.”

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"Green Bits is just better than anybody else out there. Period."

World of Weed, Tacoma WA


"Green Bits is an established provider in a landscape of unproven vendors."

Ivy Cannabis, Portland OR

Ivy Cannabis

"Green Bits increases customer satisfaction. No doubt about it."

Colorado Harvest Company, Aurora CO

Colorado Harvest Company

"Green Bits is just better than anybody else out there. Period."

World of Weed, Tacoma WA

World of Weed

"Green Bits is so user friendly. It makes inventory management a breeze."

Altitude Dispensary, Aurora CO

Altitude Dispensary

"We have seen more than 50% improvement in transaction times with Green Bits."

Farma, Portland OR

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