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Colorado Harvest Company

Breaking Bad. Former Biology Teacher finds best-of-breed in Greenbits
Tim Cullen – Owner


Tim Cullen, owner of Colorado Harvest Company, recalls his grandfather lamenting about the difficulty of running a business. Today, Tim wrestles with similar challenges.

Colorado Harvest opened as a wholesale operation in 2009. The arrival of House Bill 1284 in 2010 – which required vertical integration of cannabis retail and production facilities – set things in motion for Colorado Harvest to enter the retail world.

After receiving two of the first recreational retail licenses issued in Denver, Colorado Harvest opened its doors to 1,500 people that first day in early 2014. With three locations and 80 employees now, Tim sees his situation through the same lens as any retail business owner.

“If you took cannabis out of the equation, it comes down to things that are applicable to anybody who runs a retail store. It is about providing a good experience with great product that is price competitive.”

Tim Cullen Owner – Colorado Harvest Company

"Greenbits is a much better platform. We picked the best - and that's Greenbits."


As the company grew, Tim focused on finding the best technology for his business. Tim pursued a best-of-breed approach, meaning he opted to select the best possible retail technology for his store even if it didn’t support his warehouse.

“The point-of-sale system for a retail store is critical. It is how you place orders, track inventory, balance tills, and know what is selling. The health of the entire company lives within it.”

In the past, Tim’s staff did lots of mouse clicking and manual entry, which stifled customer experiences. Staff would then also manually enter information each day into Metrc (Colorado’s traceability system), which resulted in even more error and reconciliation. “We spent hours each day dealing with adjustments to ensure our inventory remained true.”

Greenbits Solution

When Tim went looking for a new platform, he had three years of operating experience. He knew what he wanted by the time he came across Greenbits. “Greenbits is a platform that can grow with us. It seamlessly integrates into Metrc, which saves time and reduces errors. It is very quick, which supports great customer experiences. And it captures and displays the information that is helpful to me as an owner.”

Take customer experience, for instance. Instead of budtenders fumbling through transactions at the point-of-sale, Greenbits streamlines the sales experience with fully integrated barcode scanning. “It’s like ‘bleep’ and you’re done. With Greenbits, it’s like going to the grocery store.”

With a more seamless experience, budtender-customer interactions are more engaging and Colorado Harvest sees more transactions per day.

Colorado Harvest Company

In any industry, customers are familiar with and demand increasingly sophisticated retail experiences. Tim understands this. Some customers know what products they are looking for and “want to get in and get out.” Meanwhile, other customers enjoy the experience. They “want to make an afternoon of it and check out all that we have to offer, which is great.”

Today’s cannabis retail stores need to support these and other types of experiences that customers expect. “If you fumble the transaction, the customer knows it. It needs to be a professional experience.”

Ask Tim about life before and after Greenbits and you get a pretty straightforward response. “Greenbits increases customer satisfaction and customer experience. No question about it.”





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