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Founded in 2014, Greenbits is the pioneering leader of regulated retail. Today we power 1,200 cannabis retailers, serve 22,000 registered users, and ring more than $4 billion in sales annually. As market share leader nationwide, Greenbits understands your needs and helps fulfill your goals.

Secure Your Data, Protect Your Customers

Trusted dispensary POS security. Greenbits prioritizes safety and security for you and your customers. With our SOC 2 certification, we ensure the confidentiality of your data and protect your customers with multiple layers of cutting-edge security.

Cash In with Peace of Mind

Reliable uptime. Greenbits processed more transactions and rung more sales on 4/20 than the average Walmart does in an entire year – without interruption. Any day, any time, all the time, we’re here for you.

Rest Assured with Offline Mode

Dependable service. No internet? No problem. Our offline mode ensures you have uptime, all the time. Ring sales, keep customers satisfied, and maintain compliance with uninterrupted workflow. Rest assured, Greenbits is dependable, even when your network isn’t.

Prioritize Safety for All

Proactive partner. Greenbits advocates for laws and advances technologies that serve the best interests of licensed cannabis retailers. As a partner who protects your investment, safeguards your livelihood, and secures your future, we champion safe commerce and advocate for safer payment options.

Customer Stories

Successful cannabis retailers all have one thing in common: Greenbits

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