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Keep informed and up to date on best practices and industry trends.

Cannabis Retail Benchmark Report – Q3 2020

Highlights in this quarterly report indicate more transactions and higher revenue with less discounting which is confirmation that the industry is stronger than ever going into Q4.

How to Implement Cashless Payments in the Cannabis Industry

Simplify payments for your customers using cashless cannabis transactions.

Inventory Management for Cannabis Retail

Inventory management is fundamental to compliance and profitability in cannabis.

Opening a Cannabis Dispensary – The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide

Craft an ironclad cannabis dispensary business plan with our expert advice.

A Successful Cannabis Dispensary Application in 6 Steps

The process of opening a cannabis dispensary can be a daunting challenge. Every state’s regulations are different, and state lawmakers are empowered to change the rules whenever they deem it necessary.

Greenbits State Partnership

Greenbits simplifies the compliance process in accordance with each state’s unique rules and regulations. Through integrated and automated synchronization technology, the platform provides cannabis businesses with the tools they need to maintain accuracy with state reporting systems.

COVID-19 Snapshot Report

Cannabis online and in-store transaction data to help grow your business. Review our data on cannabis sales impacted by COVID-19.

Transitioning From Medical to Recreational

Our guide will cover what it’s like to transition from a medical to a recreational market, what you need to know about seed-to-sale tracking, and how to be successful in the new recreational landscape.

How to Price Your Products

Ever wonder how to strategically price products in your cannabis retail store? We have a guide for that. It covers: the fundamentals of pricing, 8 pricing strategies, margins, and markups.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Cannabis POS.

This guide will address questions like: What is a POS? What features do I need? How do I choose hardware? What’s the cost of bad service? What are some money-saving questions?

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