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“Green Bits' simplicity allows our staff to provide the best experience for our customers.”

Ehren Tresher, Store Manager


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Q:  Is Green Bits compliant with Proposition 64 rules and regulations?

A: Absolutely! We've been working with dispensaries in other regulated states for over 3 years and have helped hundreds of customers make the transition from medical-only to recreational. Our engineering team literally wrote the book on Track & Trace compliance. When you're ready to start ringing recreational sales, we'll "flip the switch" on your account so that you will be fully compliant from Day 1.

Q:  What happens if my internet connection goes down and my dispensary is slammed with customers?

A: Don't worry! With Emergency Mode, the Green Bits' register will still ring sales in most situations. You don't want to waste time recording sales by hand or calculating sales limits with a calculator - so we don't make you.


Q: I have a high-traffic store. Can Green Bits support me and handle my volume?

A: Yes! Green Bits was built with a focus on high-volume retail while providing reliability and speed. Some of our most successful customers average more than 1,000 transactions per day.

Our point-of-sale is the only true Register in the cannabis industry, which means it is designed for speed. Checkout times are more than 5 times faster than other desktop-based systems.

And we are so confident in our reliability that we post it for all the world to see at Ask your current provider if they do this. 

Who’s using Green Bits?

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"Green Bits is just better than anybody else out there. Period."

World of Weed, Tacoma WA


"Green Bits is an established provider in a landscape of unproven vendors."

Ivy Cannabis, Portland OR

Ivy Cannabis

"Green Bits increases customer satisfaction. No doubt about it."

Colorado Harvest Company, Aurora CO

Colorado Harvest Company

"Green Bits is just better than anybody else out there. Period."

World of Weed, Tacoma WA

World of Weed

"Green Bits is so user friendly. It makes inventory management a breeze."

Altitude Dispensary, Aurora CO

Altitude Dispensary

"We have seen more than 50% improvement in transaction times with Green Bits."

Farma, Portland OR

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