Built for Back Office.
Eliminate the Complexity of
Inventory Management.

With our suite of products built for managing back-of-house operations, Greenbits simplifies inventory management, automates data entry, and increases the speed and efficiency of product intake.

Manage Inventory with Efficiency and Ease

From manifest to receipt, Greenbits tracks it all efficiently and accurately. With robust tools for purchasing and receiving, managing conversions and packaging, and processing returns, transfers, and destructions, we make inventory management a breeze.

Track and Audit with Confidence

Greenbits makes it easy to track and audit inventory as it moves around the shop, and you’ll love the audit suggestions we automatically generate based on your state rules, company policies, and store experience. Rest easy knowing that inventory counts are accurate in the event of a state inspection.

Maintain Real-Time Accuracy with Automatic State Reporting

Greenbits integrates directly with your state’s API so you can quickly and easily sync your inventory activity and sales data in real-time. By eliminating your compliance and traceability burdens, Greenbits frees you to focus on growing your business.

Automate Discounts to Save Time and Sell More

Customizable and simple to use, our automated discount plans help you manage inventory with efficiency and ease. With the ability to fine-tune discounts, you reduce labor, increase sales, and control inventory with one simple tool.

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