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COVID-19 Safety Tips for Dispensaries: How to Keep Your Employees and Customers Safe

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  Find out how dispensaries are guaranteeing safety in the time of COVID.   Cannabis dispensaries have earned the distinction of being “essential businesses” in many…

2020: A Look Forward

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  Greetings, You may be aware that Greenbits recently underwent a restructuring. This was a pre-pandemic course-of-action to reaffirm and strengthen our focus on that which…

Marijuana and Alzheimer’s: The Effectiveness of Cannabis

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Organizing clinical studies for the effectiveness of using medical marijuana for Alzheimer’s and dementia was impossible until recently. No clinical ethics board would approve using a…

Dispensary SOPs | Standard Operating Procedures for Retail Cannabis

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Standard operating procedures, or SOPs, are the processes that keep your business running smoothly. Writing these procedures down and standardizing them is typically the first step…

California Dispensary Pitfalls: 4 Reasons Dispensaries Shut Down

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There are four areas where California dispensaries might be tested for compliance, and potentially lose their license: Track and trace Customer eligibility Transaction limits Excise taxes