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Thoughts from Your Friends at Green Bits

Why We Partnered With HackerOne to Help Secure Dispensary Data

At Green Bits, we understand the importance of data security.

As a cannabis retailer, your data often consists of sales, inventory, customers, patients, and more. We take your trust in securing that data seriously, and have implemented tech industry-leading measures to ensure your data is available when you need it and always secure.

hackerone-green-bits.jpgThe cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing and highest-regulated industries in the world. Growers and retailers in states with Seed-to-Sale traceability feel these pains everyday with state reporting. Currently, over 700 cannabis retailers across the United States trust Green Bits to secure their data, automate their reporting, and run their business. This allows cannabis retailers to rest easy knowing they’re in compliance and their data is secure.


"The founding Green Bits' team, myself included, has a background in building complex and highly secure global accounting software. Our previous business, Outright, served over 800,000 businesses and was acquired by GoDaddy in 2012. When we founded Green Bits in 2014, we took what we learned from Outright and GoDaddy security processes to create one of the most secure platforms in the cannabis industry. Data security has always and will always be a #1 priority for Green Bits." - Trae Robrock, CTO, Co-Founder


We were founded in 2014 and launched with robust processes to ensure all customer data is secure and consistently backed-up. You can read more about our backup and redundancy processes here. Similar to Netflix, SAP, Adobe, and GoPro, we use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store customer data. Customer data is never stored on local devices or internal networks.


HackerOne + Green Bits

We partnered with HackerOne in April 2017 to further ensure our retail management platform is the most secure in the industry. Twitter, Yahoo, GM, Dropbox, and Starbucks also use HackerOne’s Bug Bounty service. If you are unfamiliar with HackerOne, here’s what they do:

“Created by security leaders from Facebook, Microsoft and Google, HackerOne is the first vulnerability coordination and bug bounty platform. We empower companies to protect consumer data, trust and loyalty by working with the global research community to surface your most relevant security issues.”


HackerOne allows us to hire “Security Researchers” and reward them with a bounty if they discover any vulnerabilities in our platform. Bug bounty programs aren’t cheap, but they are significantly more cost-effective and proactive than being hacked by a malicious party.

For reference, “Security Researchers” aim to expose vulnerabilities in a system to help improve the system’s security. “Hackers” aim to take advantage of vulnerabilities in a system and often have malicious intent. Much like the negative connotations that “marijuana” carries, the term “hackers” is in the same boat. General rule of thumb, if someone is hacking a system to help improve security, they’re called a “Security Researcher”.

Looking Ahead

At Green Bits, we understand the pains of running a cannabis business. That’s why we make it easy for cannabis retailers to grow revenue, delight customers, and rest easy knowing they’re partnered with one of the most robust and secure retail management platforms in the industry.

Join the hundreds of cannabis retailers who trust Green Bits.


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"Green Bits is just better than anybody else out there. Period."

World of Weed, Tacoma WA


"Green Bits is an established provider in a landscape of unproven vendors."

Ivy Cannabis, Portland OR

Ivy Cannabis

"Green Bits increases customer satisfaction. No doubt about it."

Colorado Harvest Company, Aurora CO

Colorado Harvest Company

"Green Bits is just better than anybody else out there. Period."

World of Weed, Tacoma WA

World of Weed

"Green Bits is so user friendly. It makes inventory management a breeze."

Altitude Dispensary, Aurora CO

Altitude Dispensary

"We have seen more than 50% improvement in transaction times with Green Bits."

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