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Shaping the Cannabis Industry with Green Bits

Green Bits is enabling cannabis business owners to collaborate with each other and level-up the industry. Our retailers make up over 30% of the U.S. market -- a powerful and untapped force. This article will highlight several ways you can get involved in helping shape the cannabis economy. If you are interested in any of these avenues, whether you are using Green Bits or not, please let us know.

As the fastest growing industry in the United States, it’s important for cannabis businesses to find ways to partner for business owners’, employees’, and consumers’ benefit. At the core of this partnership is a collaborative and constructive dialogue that leads to the growth and legitimacy of the United States’ legal cannabis industry.

The collaborative “gig” economy that erupted with the likes of Lyft and AirBNB faced challenges which will sound familiar to those of us in the cannabis industry: Stifling regulations supported by companies and people who saw the new economy as a threat to the status quo. By investing in the infrastructure to facilitate dialogue with and among their hosts, AirBNB enabled its host community to enact policy changes and drive change.

The Customer Advisory Board (CAB)

This is a small group of fifteen retail operators that meet four times a year with Green Bits’ executive team to discuss industry issues and advise Green Bits strategically. For example, the CAB has helped Green Bits shape and validate the direction of our technology and service roadmaps. A seat on this board lasts from six months to a year. If you’re interested in applying for a seat on the CAB, let us know here.

Board members hail from across the US, representing the interests and issues that face their state. They are required to be decision-makers with high business acumen at a retail operation. Membership is by invitation-only and is based on state representation, participation in other groups listed here, and recommendations from Green Bits staff.

State-Specific User Groups

In January of 2018, Green Bits organized its first User Group in Baltimore, Maryland. Twenty retailers met for lunch and a workshop in which they discussed issues facing the industry in their state. Roundtable discussions were facilitated by senior Green Bits staff and attendees were able to openly discuss industry issues and collaborate on paths to resolution with other Maryland operators. We were also able to get an in-depth look at how these operators were using Green Bits and how we can tailor our product and service offerings to help them achieve their objectives.

In the evening, the group grew to forty retailers for dinner, during which a discussion was had with Joy Strand, Executive Directory of Maryland’s regulatory body, the MMCC.


Workshop participation is limited by invitation to ensure intimate, in-depth discussions. Dinner is open to all retailers in the state. Green Bits is planning additional user group meetings throughout the year and if you’re interested in participating, let us know here.


Technology Focus Groups

Green Bits needs your help to help improve the quality of its existing offering as well as innovate new technology for the industry. This requires testing in the real world: your store. These focus groups are best suited for tech-forward operations interested in shaping product development with their testing and feedback.

The Green Bits Community Forum

Our industry could greatly benefit from a nationwide discussion forum where operators can connect about challenges and best practices. Green Bits is preparing to launch an online network to fill this gap in 2019. This is especially important in matters surrounding compliance, where the answer is often in a gray area. Our regulatory compliance team, unique to Green Bits, has already begun publishing monthly regulatory compliance updates and their relevance to dispensaries.

The Green Bits Community Forum aims to be the place where you can have candid discussions and find real answers about complying with regulations that are often ambiguous. Being able to check in with what other retailers are doing and hearing from their inspectors makes an immense impact on business decisions.

Getting Involved

If you’d like to get in on the ground floor of these developments, let us know. Everyone who works in the cannabis industry is welcome to get involved, regardless of your involvement with Green Bits.

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Director of Customer Experience

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