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Meet the Team: Krystle Blough, Director of Customer Experience


Krystle Blough

I joined Green Bits as a Customer Success Manager in July of 2016. Before that, I’d spent ten years at another successful startup from the day it was launched. I was looking for another opportunity to get in on the ground floor at a fast-growing company in an innovative space, and I got my wish.

For the first two years of my time at Green Bits, I built up the customer ops team--hiring talented people who care about customers, and building the systems and processes they used to serve customers. Recently, I moved into a new role as Director of Customer Experience, which is kind of like Quality Assurance for our processes, with the goal of making sure we're creating an experience for our customers that’s more like shopping on Amazon and less like going to the DMV.

At its core, this means mapping out customer journeys (understanding our customers are using Green Bits and what’s working well and not so well, from their perspective), digging into what's happening behind the scenes to create that experience, and implementing recommendations for how we can improve those experiences moving forward. This can be something broad like how we service an entire state that’s moving untracked inventory into a tracked system like Metrc, or something specific like how easy (or not) it is to pay a bill. This role capitalizes on the insights I gained while building out the ops teams, talking to hundreds of customers through the years and knowing how things work at Green Bits under the hood.

From day to day, I do a lot of project management and program management that brings together multiple Green Bits teams with the goal of improving a particular customer experience. I also spend a lot of time interviewing customers and studying the data that can tell us how well we’re doing in creating a world-class customer experience at scale.

Looking forward, I'm incredibly excited about building a Green Bits community. In my past job I was the Director of Community, fostering a community of thousands of people collaborating to create an open-source how-to manual. I think we have an enormous opportunity to build a forum for operators in this industry to share knowledge and help each other out in a constructive way, and no one is in a better position than Green Bits to facilitate this.


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