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Store Highlight: How Marijuana Mart Organizes Inventory

See how Marijuana Mart organizes their physical inventory to quickly identify products on the sales floor and in back stock.

Marijuana Mart (Washington State) was founded in 2015 and is part of the Green Bits Customer Advisory Board (CAB). The CAB is comprised of executives from cannabis retailers across the United States which help shape and validate the direction of Green Bits’ technology and service roadmaps.

They're one of the most organized stores we’ve seen and we're excited to share their best practices with you.

How Marijuana Mart Organizes Inventory

Marijuana Mart has a strict inventory system that’s been designed by their inventory manager, Shahala Escano. This system is designed to make identification of products faster on the sales floor and in back stock.

Their system is based on the use of color-coded tape, stickers, and clear plastic bins on shelving units, which sit behind the sales counter and contain all of the stock they’re currently selling.

marijuana-mart - 1 

The tape helps budtenders quickly distinguish one vendor from another. The name of each product is written on color tape, and there’s a smaller sticker containing the expiration date to help them understand clearly what they should be selling first.

In addition to this, they use a color-coded sticker system, with orange circular stickers indicating they have more in the back-stock under the same SKU, and blue stickers indicating they have more product in the back under a different SKU.

marijuana-mart - 2 marijuana-mart - 3

“We run First In First Out (FIFO) here. It helps us keep on top of everything.”

— Shahala

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Corresponding bins also live in a medium sized storage room behind the sales floor. These bins contain NEW LOTS, distinguished by a bright yellow piece of tape which seals the lid closed. These are not to be sold until the bins on the floor have been sold through — and might be marked “Not For Sale” inside of Green Bits. 

marijuana-mart - 5 

Quick Access for Product Up-Sells

Marijuana Mart keeps a selected set of products designed to be added to orders as up-sells within arms reach of the register. Products on this shelf include lighters, papers, and a selection of $5 pre-rolls, which is one of their highest selling product categories.

marijuana-mart - 6

We hope this article helps showcase how a successful cannabis retailer organizes inventory to streamline operations and stay compliant. You can learn more about Marijuana Mart here and if you’re ever in Rochester, WA, be sure to stop by.

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