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Thoughts from Your Friends at Green Bits

Green Bits is Now Available for Maryland and Nevada Dispensaries

What happens when the industry-leading cannabis retail platform enters a new market?

The media takes notice and customers, like Zeina Frayha, Founder of HerbaFi in Silver Spring, Maryland, know they’re now in good hands:

"Green Bits has really helped us focus on the customer experience as opposed to spending time on compliance issues.”

Maryland and Nevada dispensaries now have access to the only cannabis retail platform that eliminates the headaches of Metrc and compliance reporting.


Automated compliance for Maryland dispensaries

Green Bits is pleased to announce that we are the first cannabis retail platform for Maryland to automate the tracking of patient sales limits.

We created a Green Bits-specific integration with Metrc to sync patient information in real-time between the two systems. This means automated compliance and a smooth, fast, and personable experience for your patients because you can focus on them and not stress about compliance.

Additionally, Green Bits automatically prints the required package and patient labels with every sale. Green Bits has your back when it comes to compliance and can easily help you navigate Maryland's marijuana laws!

The first Metrc integration for Nevada dispensaries

Green Bits was the first platform to integrate and launch a Nevada dispensary on the new Metrc system. We have worked with Metrc in Alaska, Colorado, Maryland, and Oregon, and have hundreds of dispensaries successfully using our Green Bits <> Metrc integration. Other retail platforms promise an integration that includes “one-click compliance” or CSV uploads. With Green Bits, you don’t have to deal with CSV’s and almost never have to go into Metrc. Our customers save up to 100 hours per month with our Metrc integration and compliance automation.

Green Bits is a leading platform for recreational cannabis sales thanks to our fast transaction times and intuitive Register. In most cases, budtenders can learn to use the Green Bits’ Register in 5-minutes or less and our Register is 50% faster than web-based point-of-sale systems like MJ Freeway, BioTrack, and Flowhub. This means Green Bits is perfect for a fast-paced recreational cannabis retailer.

Are you transitioning from a medical dispensary to a recreational one? After helping hundreds of dispensaries make the transition in other states, we put together a guide to help others make the switch. Download our Med → Rec Guide.

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Green Bits

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"Green Bits is just better than anybody else out there. Period."

World of Weed, Tacoma WA


"Green Bits is an established provider in a landscape of unproven vendors."

Ivy Cannabis, Portland OR

Ivy Cannabis

"Green Bits increases customer satisfaction. No doubt about it."

Colorado Harvest Company, Aurora CO

Colorado Harvest Company

"Green Bits is just better than anybody else out there. Period."

World of Weed, Tacoma WA

World of Weed

"Green Bits is so user friendly. It makes inventory management a breeze."

Altitude Dispensary, Aurora CO

Altitude Dispensary

"We have seen more than 50% improvement in transaction times with Green Bits."

Farma, Portland OR

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