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Feb. 18-24, 2020 Dispensary Compliance Updates



In California, the BCC announced that the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) has approved the emergency rulemaking action for the Quick Response Code (QR Code) certificate requirements. The emergency regulations are effective as of February 13th and require licensed commercial cannabis storefront retailers to prominently display the QR Code certificate on their premises.

The Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) has released a 14-page commentary on Governor Newsom's cannabis proposals for his 2020 Trailer bill. The LAO recommended that the Legislature approve the Governor's proposal to change the point of collection for the retail excise and cultivation tax. It also found "that the concept of consolidating the cannabis licensing functions into a single entity focused on cannabis makes sense, and could improve the accountability and effectiveness of the state’s cannabis activities." The LAO further recommended that the Legislature withhold action on cannabis-related proposals until all the budget proposals and budget trailer language are available this spring. 

In Michigan, the Marijuana Regulatory Agency issued a technical bulletin about potency variance in marijuana packaging.

In Nevada, Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) made his first appointments to the new Cannabis Compliance Board. Sisolak tweeted, "[t]hey will provide invaluable guidance as CCB transitions to full authority."

Looking Ahead 

In Maine, Metrc will be deployed in Maine’s emerging adult-use marijuana program. It is expected that adult-use sales will begin mid-March.  Following the successful launch of Metrc, the OMP will shift their focus to introducing the track and trace solution to Maine’s existing medical marijuana program.

In Oklahoma, the OMMA announced that beginning April 1st, all marijuana product sold by a grower or processor will be required to be tested by an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) licensed laboratory. Any dispensary customer may request the certificate of analysis from the dispensary. The document can be kept in either a paper or electronic format.

In California, three prominent labor unions sent a letter to the Democratic Caucus asking lawmakers to shut the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA) out of future political negotiations regarding the marijuana industry for the time being. In their letter, the unions criticized a CCIA white paper as “a piece of anti-union literature.” It’s unclear how much this situation might hamper CCIA’s ability to get Democratic legislators on board with further cannabis reforms, but it will at least serve as a distraction as political chaos over the future of the CA cannabis industry continues in the state capitol. 

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