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Lux Pot Shop

Community. Culture. Cannabis. Lux Pot Shop Breathes Easy with Greenbits.

KC Franks – Owner


Owner KC Franks had a vision in mind when opening Lux Pot Shop. Built on the tagline and core tenets of “Community. Culture. Cannabis.”, Lux fits right into the fabric of its local community. In addition to being a retail outlet for recreational cannabis, Lux participates in community garbage cleanup and is an active sponsor of up-and-coming artists and musicians in and around the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard.

“Everything we do in business adheres to these tenets,” says KC. “We keep these philosophies on our mind every single day in every action we take.”

KC Franks Owner – Lux Pot Shop

"Greenbits hears us and is always willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. That's what it's all about."


In a nascent industry where the public’s trust is paramount, Lux placed an early emphasis on doing things right. Yet, as an early entrant in the retail cannabis business, Lux faced a daunting lineup of unproven companies offering a retail platform and point-of-sale system. “Other vendors were trying to address the issues from a thousand different angles.”

In the face of these options, KC felt the weight of being a retail license holder. KC came to realize that, as his business scaled, he would have to rely on numerous people across varying roles to manage product sales that involve complex weights and measures calculations.

“We develop standard operating procedures, we hire conscientious staff and we invest in training. Yet, I knew it would be hard and good partners was an imperative.”

Greenbits Solution

After evaluating several vendors and nearly moving forward with one, KC discovered Greenbits. “We saw in Greenbits a realistic approach and sound understanding of the realities of our industry.”

At the time, Greenbits had just entered the market in Washington state and was a relative unknown. Nevertheless, after an interaction with the team from Greenbits, the answer was clear.

“We felt very lucky that we found Greenbits. Once we met with the team, we immediately understood where Greenbits was coming from and what the company was trying to build. The interface was simple and intuitive. The reporting functionality was comprehensive and precise. It was the first time that I felt like I was speaking with another company that understood the importance of doing business right.”

Lux Pot Shop

KC thrives in his collaboration with Greenbits. Whether requesting the creation of role-based permissions to scoping tighter controls at the point-of-purchase to suggesting enhancements to track cash flow, KC knows his voice will be heard.

“The energy Greenbits invests to implement improvements based on our input has been tremendous. When I communicate a need, I know Greenbits is actually listening.”

And the impact is profound with Lux realizing 100 hours of labor savings per month attributed to Greenbits.

“When I am away from the store, there are a lot of things in this industry that I stress about. Greenbits is not one of them.”


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