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Jardin Dispensary

With a Focus on People and Partners, Jardín Owner Fulfills Big Vision with the Help of Greenbits


After a visit to Colorado in 2011, Jardín owner Adam Cohen saw something. “I’m big on macro trends. Cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the world,” says Adam. Despite seeing the start of a rapidly growing market, Adam, who is a licensed attorney and was in private equity at the time, called his decision a “dramatic career move.” Yet, he took the leap.

Fast forward to today. Adam has built Jardín into a luxury dispensary, allowing customers “to experience a dispensary in a whole new way.” To do this Adam surrounds himself with – and relies on – a team that shares his passion to create a positive and welcome energy for customers.

A core pillar of the Jardín strategy is human resources. Get the right people and get them properly trained.

Adam Cohen Owner – Jardin Dispensary

"Life’s too short. At a point in life, you realize you only want to deal with certain type of people."


To deliver on Jardín’s promise, Adam needed quality technology to complement and empower his staff. Such a combination would allow Adam to focus on the long-term vision for Jardín. “Although I spend time on the retail floor, I rely on talented and like-minded people. Not just staff, but partners too. This allows me to focus on macro issues such as brand development and marketing.”

Complicating the matter, Jardín had deployed a different solution before Greenbits entered the Nevada market. “Selecting a technology partner was a big decision, particularly the second time. We didn’t want another false start.”

“We needed a solution that was easily adopted and that we felt confident would be a good long-term solution.”

Greenbits Solution

Frustrated with the challenges stemming from his prior retail system, Adam found comfort and alignment with Greenbits.

“The prior system took weeks to train on and it had constant issues. It took us a day to train on Greenbits.”

And take, for example, the ability to support integrated online menus with Greenbits. “It’s all about creating efficiencies in the store and driving business. If my online menus have accurate, to-the-moment inventory and pricing, then I have satisfied customers.”

“We explored a half dozen different options and landed on Greenbits. We saw the functional piece of it, which provided everything we needed. But the interface was very easy for us too. It was simple, and it was elegant.”

Jardin Dispensary

With Greenbits, Jardín is thriving in the recreational market. Adam sees a bright future and is thrilled to be working with a company that has extensive experience serving recreational markets and seamless integration with state traceability (or seed—to-sale) systems.

As Jardín welcomed recreational use, Adam was focused on capitalizing on this new opportunity. With its ease, reliability and robust reporting, Greenbits allowed him to maintain his focus on the things that mattered.

“The staff like it, I like it. Even my board of directors has access and they like it. I’m not a tech guy. Greenbits is intuitive and easy to use. You can just jump in and self-navigate. It is a much easier platform to deal with.”


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