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Greenworks Dispensary

With Greenbits, we can keep track of everything and get access to all the data we need. This helps us leverage the discipline of compliance to serve our customers with brands they love.

Morgue-Anne – General Manager, Greenworks


Customer service isn’t just about being pleasant to shoppers. It’s about creating an experience in which they feel at home. From fair prices, to brand selection, to staying ahead of trends, great customer service starts with juggling a variety of important back-of-the-house functions. When it comes to cannabis retailers, complying with state and federal regulations are a whole extra set of balls to keep in the air. With Greenbits POS system, Greenworks is able to analyze inventory trends daily and stay on top of shifting compliance laws so that they can better serve their customers.

Morgue-Anne General Manager – Greenworks

"Compliance shouldn’t be a distraction from customer service. In fact, for us they go hand in hand. When it comes to compliance, it’s all about knowing what’s coming in and what’s going out. With Greenbits, we can keep track of everything and get access to all the data we need. This helps us leverage the discipline of compliance to serve our customers with brands they love. "


Keeping customers engaged means skillful inventory planning that both stays in line with current trends and keeps abreast of market demands. Additionally, the ebb and flow of products must be fully traceable all the way thru Metrc, to keep the shop running smoothly. One small mistake can have a huge impact. For stores that deal with thousands of transactions a week and move through hundreds of brands at the same time, these problems can quickly snowball from being out of compliance to out of business.

Greenbits Solution

Tracking historical transaction data
Greenworks leverages all transaction data to learn what their 30-day stock should look like.

The Results
By seeing trends and getting ahead of them, Greenworks improved availability by reducing the number of days shelves sit empty waiting for products.

Front-end to Back-end Efficiency
Greenworks can see every day’s sales summarized on their Greenbits dashboard, ensuring they stay aligned with trends and customer needs.

The Results
By aligning front-end and back-end information management, Greenworks gets much more accurate information faster and save dozens of hours of employee productivity a week.

Inventory Management
With Greenbits, Greenworks is able to scan products directly into spreadsheets so that there is no risk of manual error.

The Results
By scanning all products into one central system that integrates with Metrc, Greenworks has significantly reduced human error and people hours it takes to remain compliant.

Greenworks Dispensary

Manual inventory management is costly, inefficient, and error-prone for any store, and even more for cannabis retailers that have to stay compliant with changing regulations. Mistakes don’t just lead to poor customer service, they can lead to hefty fines or even the complete loss of business licenses. 

By combining Greenbits’ integrated POS and compliance system with their own rigorous process, Greenworks has leveraged good inventory management discipline into great customer service. By streamlining their operations, Greenworks can monitor what’s working, what’s not working, and how to fix it to keep shoppers coming back. So much so that they’re not only getting compliments from their customers, but even from their auditors.


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