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Denver Recreational

DENREC Streamlines Operations with Greenbits’ Intuitive Register and Robust Inventory Management

Jim Monaco – Owner


In 2014, Jim and his son, Marc, saw an opportunity to buy a controlling interest in an existing medical dispensary when recreational sales became a reality. Father and son took the leap and set out to provide the best products in Denver and throughout Colorado, bringing in a renowned master grower, Ryan Buffkin, as a partner.

Today, Denver Recreational, or “DENREC”, has two locations. DENREC’s Larimer Street store is conveniently located within the heart of Denver’s thriving downtown bar district and has great foot traffic thanks to its proximity to Coors Field.

“We are fortunate to be in a great location. It’s near the ballpark. It has lots of foot traffic and tourist traffic. It’s a great destination location.”

Jim Monaco Owner – Denver Recreational

"Greenbits is intuitive and straightforward. It’s easy for my employees to learn and use."


When DENREC’s previous sales and inventory system experienced a prolonged outage, the shop was hit hard. Communication ceased as DENREC’s business stalled for nearly three weeks, causing revenue losses as well as customer and employee frustration.

For Jim, it was a failure of epic proportion and completely unacceptable. After researching other vendors, Jim chose the retail management and point-of-sale platform from Greenbits for its easy-to-use, intuitive register, offline processing capability, and robust back-end architecture.

Greenbits Solution

Integrating the Greenbits system into DENREC was a breeze, as was training budtenders. Thanks to the new system, DENREC now has every item in inventory bar-coded. This was no small feat! In fact, Jim initially balked at making this upfront investment of time; however, he sees the benefit of this approach. Jim now has up-to-date inventory reports, which simplifies inventory management and streamlines store operations. “We are able to track everything down to the item level with ease and spend less time taking inventory of our products.”

With a background as a systems engineer, Jim understood the value of the Greenbits application programming interface (API). DENREC uses the Greenbits API to pull data directly from Greenbits to its in-store displays, which saves times and gives budtenders confidence in each customer interaction. “Everything is always up-to-date, which is a real plus for us.”

Denver Recreational

For Jim, it is all about continuous improvement. With Greenbits, the register is easy for his employees to use, so he spends less time training staff and troubleshooting technology issues.   

This frees Jim to spend more time finding ways to better serve customers and streamline the operations of the store.

“The API is very good. Greenbits has given us the capability and flexibility to do a lot of cool things with your reporting and data.”

And when Jim cannot do-it-himself?

“That’s one of things I really like about Greenbits. When we discover things we’d like to improve in the business, Greenbits is always willing to listen.”






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