Lightning-fast checkout

Budtenders can serve long lines of customers with speed and grace. Just scan and go. Repeat as necessary.

Clean, easy interface

Budtender learning curves are steep enough. The Green Bits register takes no longer than 5 minutes to learn.

Glitch-free & dependable

No more ghosts in the system. Inventory won’t disappear. Things just work with Green Bits!


Rest easy with a reliable retail management platform. Check our system up-time here.

Precise inventory control

Accurate batch-tracking means you know exactly what you have, lot by lot, package ID by package ID. It’s reorder nirvana.

Flexible cash management

Green Bits worked with marijuana retailers to offer the right options, workflows and security.

Automated compliance

How much time do you spend managing traceability? Now, take that number, and reduce it to zero.

Caring customer service

Customers love how we respond: quickly and meaningfully. We’re proud to say we have a 5-minute average response time to any call, chat, or email, any day…any time!
Weedmaps and Leafly

Never manually update your store menu because of our partnerships with Weedmaps, Leafly, and many other menu services. Plus, customers will love you for always having up-to-date menu information.

Easily Migrate Your Store To Green Bits.

Already using another POS? That’s ok. We’ve migrated 150+ stores to Green Bits with 100% success rate.