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This company makes it easier for medical marijuana companies to sell to patients

A company that specializes in helping cannabis retailers sell their products in a legally-compliant way went live in Maryland this week, and is already set to help about 20 percent of the state's dispensaries sell their products.

Silicon Valley-based Green Bits launched about three years ago, with its point of sale services tailored specifically to cannabis sales. Charlie Wilson, Green Bits’ chief revenue officer, said the company is now active in seven other states — Maryland marks its eighth launch — with about 750 retailers, and facilitates about $2 billion in cannabis sales annually.

The company is one of over 25 vendors that is already active in Maryland. Others include cannabis-specific law practices, marketing agencies and business consultants. It has been working to build up local relationships in advance of the upstart of Maryland's medical marijuana industry. Product sales are finally expected to begin in the state this month.

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