Metrc Software: How Dispensaries Can Leverage Green Bits

by Jayson Filingeri,

Metrc Integrations are Common

Metrc integrations are common amongst dispensary and cultivation software providers. For example, Metrc’s California page has a list of 50+ validated software providers who are approved to integrate with its Track-and-Trace system.

These integrations combine two or more technologies to make a process more effective. Every California cannabis dispensary, for example, needs to report sales to the state Track-and-Trace system, Metrc. The sales reporting process can take hours to do manually and is error prone because of the need to manage and properly format hundreds, and sometimes thousands of rows of data in a spreadsheet. Luckily, there are integrations that make this process more effective and efficient.

A POS that integrates with Metrc is good for cannabis businesses because it automates time-consuming and error-prone tasks like sales reporting. This means no more spreadsheets, csv uploads, or headaches.

In this article, we’ll explain how Green Bits and Metrc integrate.

How Green Bits’ Metrc Integration Works

Green Bits and Metrc have a push-pull relationship. This means Green Bits can push data to and pull data from Metrc.

This push-pull relationship is important because it allows Green Bits to report cannabis sales to Metrc without the need for pesky csv uploads. This relationship reduces errors and saves time. In fact, the Green Bits and Metrc integration can save a cannabis dispensary employee 10+ hours per week.

Green Bits offers one of the most robust Metrc integrations in the United States that allows for frequent and automatic sales reporting. This is a major time-saver for managers who are in charge of Metrc reporting. Remember, Metrc does not have guardrails to keep dispensaries from going out of compliance. This means Metrc won’t stop dispensary employees from making an error in its system. In general, the fewer tasks a dispensary employee has to complete in Metrc, the better.

Additionally, there are three compliance resources that Green Bits offers for free to its customers. By combining these resources with the Metrc integration, Green Bits offers one of the most comprehensive proactive compliance solutions in the legal cannabis industry:

  • Compliance Team – Green Bits has a dedicated compliance team to proactively keep cannabis dispensaries compliant with rules and regulations.
  • Audit Tool – This tool allows for bulk inventory adjustments, a function that cannot be done in the Metrc system.
  • Shared Best Practices – Lastly, if dispensaries who are required to report to Metrc follow our best practices, they can perform most tasks in Green Bits instead of Metrc, with the sole exceptions of accepting and transferring.

A Green Bits and Metrc Integration Example

Here’s an example of things a cannabis dispensary would do or manage in Green Bits. Green Bits would then automatically push this information to Metrc:

  • Sales and associated package IDs
  • Changes in quantity
  • Price of product
  • Close packages
  • Split/merge packages

Here’s an example of things a cannabis dispensary would do or manage in Metrc. Green Bits would then automatically pull this information into its system:

  • Accept manifests
  • Transfer inventory to another location

A Minimum Viable Integration

When evaluating POS providers, ensure that you can at least do one-click sales uploads (csv) via their Metrc integration. You will likely still have to log into Metrc for adjustments and closing packages and there will be little to no proactive compliance monitoring. While this still leaves room for error and costly $30,000 fines due to discrepancies, it’s better than doing it all manually.

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