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Green Bits University

We created Green Bits University to empower cannabis operators with the essential elements you need to run, protect, and grow your business with ease.

While launching your store with Green Bits, you get access to Green Bits University at no additional charge.

Green Bits Product Overview

The Green Bits Product Overview walks you through all of the components of Green Bits so you understand clearly when and how to best use it. The courses are structured around a cannabis store: Back of House Receiving, Back of House Processing, Office, Front of House Sales, and Front of House Check-In.



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I am happy to have taken this course and now I feel more prepared to manage the inventory.

Green Bits Budtender Certification

Get certified on the Green Bits Register so you can be an expert at ringing sales and staying compliant.

Green Bits Inventory Manager Certification

Effective, compliant inventory management is critical to your store's continued success. These courses will teach you everything you need to know about managing inventory in Green Bits and Metrc. Once completed you will receive your Inventory Manager certificate. 

Do you currently use Green Bits and want a certified staff? Get training here.

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"Green Bits is just better than anybody else out there. Period."

World of Weed, Tacoma WA

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