Marijuana vs. Marihuana: What’s the Difference?

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It’s common to see both “marijuana” and “marihuana” used in the cannabis industry.  This often leads to confusion. Is one spelling correct? Are both acceptable? Are…

Cannabis: A Recession-Proof Industry? 

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Many people compare the cannabis industry to other “vice” industries like alcohol, tobacco, and gambling. Economic resilience is one of the areas where these industries appear…

The OMMA Report: What Oklahoma Dispensary Owners Need to Know

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Every month, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) requires commercial cannabis license-holders to submit a report. The Oklahoma Tax Commission (OKTAP) also requires these reports. Oklahoma’s…

There Are Still Plenty of Unfilled Positions in the Cannabis Industry

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Despite a rough 2020, the cannabis industry has proven itself resilient and valuable. As it matures, newcomers might feel like job opportunities are becoming more scarce….

The Dispensary Owner’s Guide to Trichomes

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Today’s commercial-quality cannabis is entirely unlike the black market marijuana it replaces. Cultivators now enjoy access to equipment and expertise that very few people had in…