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Using a Marijuana Software Program to Manage Your Dispensary’s Online Menu Listings

With the increase of medical and recreational dispensaries across legal states, consumers are faced with more and more options for purchasing cannabis products. Not only does this mean that dispensary owners need to differentiate themselves and build a loyal customer base, it also means engaging consumers on the websites where they go for information.


Where do they go for information? Overwhelmingly, legal marijuana customers are using product locator and review sites like Leafly, Weedmaps, Baker, Wikileaf, and many others to find the best deals and dispensaries in their areas.


Numbers Don’t Lie

A glimpse into the traffic these two sites generate on a monthly basis will reveal the potential reach they can provide dispensaries. In July 2017, Weedmaps received over 5.3 million visits, while Leafly generated over 11 million visits.

It would be disingenuous to imply that all of those site visits were a potential customer (Leafly in particular has expanded greatly into media production, publishing all kinds of cannabis-related content and news), but the fact remains that these two sites are far and away the industry leaders when it comes to dispensary and product listings and reviews.


Keeping Your Listings Up to Date

Now that we’re familiar with the relevance and potential reach of these sites, let’s talk about keeping menu listings up to date on these platforms.

The importance of maintaining accurate product offerings and prices online cannot be overstated.

Consider it from a customer service perspective:

  • A potential customer begins an online search for a particular strain.
  • Your dispensary happens to carry the strain they're searching for.
  • You’re even offering it at the best price within a 10-mile radius of the person’s location.

Congratulations, you just won yourself a new customer! Or did you…?

Unfortunately, you actually just had to raise the price of that particular strain, or—even worse—you’re fresh out of stock. But because you don’t have an integrated marijuana software program that automatically updates your online listings to reflect your in-store menu changes OR your employees haven’t yet manually updated those online listings, the customer made a decision based on inaccurate inventory information.

Not only are you more likely to lose that customer that you almost won, but there’s a chance that you’ll receive a negative review from the person about how he or she drove all the way to your store based on an online listing that turned out to be inaccurate.


Updating Listings: Manual vs. Automated

So, what’s the best way to keep menu items, prices, and promotions current across these sites? There are two options – one manual and one automated. 

Manual Updating

The manual method involves logging into each individual site which your dispensary has a listing and manually updating every menu change that you make—every time.

With supply and demand dictating frequent fluctuations in product inventory levels, this can mean a lot of extra time and effort (read: labor hours) spent updating online menus. Not to mention that this problem compounds if you run monthly, weekly, or daily deals and specials.

Manually updating and managing several different online menus also increases the risk of mistakenly entering a wrong price or other product attribute, leading to inconsistent listings and, again, the potential for lost revenue. 

Automated Updating

The other option for keeping these listings accurate involves running a marijuana software program that can automate the process and eliminate much of the potential for erroneous data input.


Integrating Your POS and Online Listings 

The automated solution is to integrate your dispensary’s point-of-sale system with your Leafly, Weedmaps, and other menu service listings. Doing so will mean that every menu update you make in your POS will be automatically reflected in these online directories.

This, in turn, means that your prospective customers get accurate information—including current inventory, prices, weights, and other relevant data—and won’t be met with unpleasant surprises upon arriving at your dispensary.

It also means that you’ll save time—as many as 5 to 10 hours each week—and your budtenders can focus more on providing top-notch customer service rather than manually updating menu listings online.

Win, win.


Green Bits POS Integrations

Currently, Green Bits is the only POS system capable of integrating with Leafly, Weedmaps, Baker, Wikileaf, MERRY JANE, and many others to make real-time updates to your online listings every time there’s a change in your inventory levels or pricing. 

To learn more about how Green Bits can save you time and money with industry-leading integrations, contact us to schedule a free tour.


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"Green Bits is just better than anybody else out there. Period."

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