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Understanding the 3 Levels of Metrc Integration Your POS Can Have

Many cannabis point-of-sale systems are being approved to integrate with state traceability systems like Metrc. These Metrc integrations allows cannabis retailers to electronically transmit inventory and sales data into the state traceability system; eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the chance of compliance infractions.

Metrc integrations are extremely time-saving for cannabis retailers, but did you know there are different levels of "Metrc Integration"?



Compliance_Rating_Metrc.jpg Compliance_Rating_API.jpg Compliance_Rating_Managed.jpg
1. Simple Integration 2. API Metrc Integration 3. Managed Compliance
  • One Click Sales Upload
  • One Click Sales Upload
  • Automated Receiving
  • Real Time Sales Upload
  • Automated Receiving
  • Auto-close Packages 
  • Auto Adjustments 
  • Proactive Compliance Support
  • 100% Compliance Guarantee



1. Simple Integration

When companies promise "Metrc Integration" it means they are approved to interact with the state traceability system in some form or another. If they're only promising an "integrated" solution, then 99% of the time it's the lowest level of integration possible.

A POS with only "Metrc Integration" means you should still consider hiring a compliance manager. Compliance managers are great at keeping you in compliance, but remember, that's someone else you have to add to your payroll.

Signs that you have Metrc Integration:
1. You manually add package ID's to your point-of-sale 
2. You receive .csv errors when you submit sales
3. You have to log into your state's traceability site, Metrc
4. "1-click compliance" (it's usually more than one click)



2. API Metrc Integration

This is a hands-on approach to compliance.

This method is leaps and bounds ahead of only being "integrated", but any type of manual compliance still leaves room for error. 

Signs that you have API Metrc Integration:
1. PO sync with the Metrc API
2. Daily reports for state reporting
3. You have to log into your state's traceability site, Metrc for adjustments and closing packages
4. No compliance guarantee



3. Managed Compliance Metrc Integration

If you want to always be in compliance and make it easier to grow your business, this is the level of integration you need.

This is the only way to eliminate .csv error messages and never go into Metrc again.

The Managed Compliance Metrc Integration is always in sync with the state API, eliminating the need for store owners or managers to upload or manually enter anything into Metrc.

Signs that you have Managed Compliance:
1. PO sync with the Metrc API
2. State reporting happens automatically (no clicks required)
3. There's a real-time sync with the Metrc API (behind the scenes compliance).
4. Automatic sales adjustments and package closures
5. Never go into Metrc again



Metrc Integration Summary

Every state that has legalized recreational cannabis has strict compliance laws that cannabis retail stores have to abide by.

It's up to you to decide how much time and money you want to spend making sure your business stays compliant and Managed Compliance is truly the only way to stay compliant -- automatically. 

Only after you're compliant can you grow your business, delight your customers, streamline operations, and rest easy.


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