Metrc Inventory: Managing Your Cannabis Inventory | Green Bits

by Aly Payne,

If your store is in a state that uses Metrc for track and trace, you can use these guidelines to prevent reporting failures and stay compliant.


Match your physical inventory to the inventory in your POS:

  1. Gather the products from the packages you are splitting, merging, and transferring.
  2. In the Back Office, mark the packages that you are merging or transferring as Not for Sale.
  3. Organize the adjusted products to make sure you don’t sell them in a way that makes you out of compliance:
    • After you split a package, move the product that you split into a separate container with a new tag.
    • After you merge packages, put the product from those packages into the same container with a new tag.
    • Don’t sell from packages that you transfer, even if you still have the package on-hand in your store.

Be aware of the products in the packages that you are merging, and merge thoughtfully:

  • When you merge packages, everything in those packages merges.
  • Don’t merge packages with different products or units of measure. For example, don’t merge a .5 gram cartridge of BubbaKush with .5 grams of BubbaKush flower.
  • Don’t merge packages that have 0 quantity.
  • It’s best practice to split off the quantity of each package that you want to merge to its own new package tag. Then, merge the new package tags together.
  • In Metrc, verify that the merge reported.

If you need to return or transfer a portion of a package, split the package first:

  • That way, if a customer comes back to return product from the package that you transferred, you will be able to accept the customer return.
  • Keep the original package in your store for customer returns.
  • You can return or transfer the new, split package.
  • Don’t transfer the package until you see that the split reported to Metrc.

Verify transactions and quantity before transferring:

  • Before you transfer a package, review your audit log to see the last transaction for that package in Green Bits. Then, verify that it is the same as the last transaction for that package in Metrc.
  • Also, verify that the quantity for that package matches in Green Bits and Metrc.

Verify splits and merges in Metrc:

  • If a split or merge does not appear in Metrc after 30 minutes, pull an audit log and double-check package ID tags for typos.
  • If one split or merge does not report to Metrc, any other splits or merges that you attempt probably won’t be successful until you resolve the first one. Review the info here to resolve any issues before doing more splits or merges.
  • If you still need help, reach out to Support.

Fix missing/transferred out packages in Metrc tags:

  • Reach out to your state regulatory body for instructions on how they would like you to report sales or fix the issue.
  • Keep and save good notes about any actions you take on your Green Bits account in case they have questions.

Other ways to use Green Bits and be compliant:

  • Package tags: For better accuracy, always scan package tags instead of hand-typing.
  • Product details: Make sure product details that you enter, like weight and strain name, are the same in both Green Bits and Metrc. Typos, extra spaces, and different cases will all cause issues. For example, SpaceQueen and Space queen are considered different and can prevent sales from reporting. Change the name in Green Bits to match what’s in Metrc.
  • Permissions and API keys: Make sure that your employees have the correct permissions to report sales or create packages in Metrc when you update your API key.
  • Active, unfinished packages: Make sure your packages are listed on the Active tab in Metrc in order for Green Bits to properly report to them.
  • Regular audits: Audit your inventory regularly to avoid selling from packages that you transferred. If a package exists in your store, it should also exist in your Metrc account.
  • Fix your issues: If you forgot to remove product from your sales floor that belonged to a package that was merged and it shows negative inventory, make an adjustment on the Packages tab in Green Bits to reflect the correct amount.
  • Multiple licenses: If your business has multiple licenses, make sure that the package you are adjusting belongs to the appropriate license in Metrc.
  • Set a schedule: If possible, transfer packages towards the end of your business day to make sure the transfer reports to Metrc before you take any other action on it.
  • Splitting and merging packages: Learn more about splitting packages and merging packages to manage your inventory in Green Bits.