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POS System Crash: Financial Impacts for Dispensaries

News broke this week about a point-of-sale system crash that affected over 1,000 dispensaries and cannabis retailers across the United States. The cause is unknown, but it is being contributed to an alleged cyber attack.

The 1,000+ stores affected were given a recovery timeline of "a few days to a few weeks".  If a cannabis retailer or dispensary had to close for a "few days to a few weeks", how much revenue could they lose?

How much revenue does the average cannabis retailer produce in a year?

Here are the top 10 revenue generating cannabis retailers in the state of Washington and their estimated 2016  sales revenue, according to www.502data.com.



How much revenue do they stand to lose if they have to shut down for a "few days to a few weeks"?

Here's how much each store would lose if they had to close for a day, week, or month.



How do you make sure your POS doesn't crash?

  1. Choose a POS that is non-web based, offers a native app, and is equipped with every feature a cannabis retailer would need
  2. Choose a POS with full back up, data integrity, and disaster recovery procedures.
  3. Choose a POS with full transparency about uptime and status.
  4. Choose a POS who's partnered with hundreds of other cannabis retailers and offer success stories or references.



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