Nov. 12-18, 2019 Dispensary Compliance Updates

by Jayson Filingeri,


In Colorado, dispensaries can accept digital IDs after the Governor’s Executive Order. According to the state Marijuana Enforcement Division, it’s up to the store when to begin acceptance of the new digital IDs. “It’s up to the licensee to accept Colorado’s digital ID only, or in combination with an individual’s ID,” says MED spokesperson Shannon Gray. “We have already advised licensees with the best practices to check that the Colorado ID is valid.”

In Massachusetts, amended medical and adult-use regulations have been promulgated by the MA Secretary of State. You can view them here:

In Michigan, regulators issued a bulletin on the marijuana licensing process, and are expected to issue the first recreational business licenses by the end of the month.

In Washington, a report commissioned by the LCB in response to some legislative interest on the topic of a cannabis potency tax was published. The report, by BOTEC Analysis, investigates the feasibility of implementing a potency tax on cannabis products in Washington State. The report, in conjunction with the Work Group established to analyze the topic, concluded that a THC tax is not feasible at this time.

SAFE Banking Update

Lobbyist groups are still hopeful for a markup in the Senate before the end of the year. Chairman Crapo has some concerns with SAFE, however, the NCIA is working with the committee to ensure his concerns are addressed and the best possible bill is passed out of Congress and into the President’s hands. Mitch McConnell is another key player to watch — with a Democrat winning the KY gubernatorial election and an incoming KY medical cannabis bill, not to mention that there are hundreds if not thousands of hemp farmers in KY that need access to banking services, it seems likely that McConnell will eventually allow a vote, maybe in the very near future.

All things considered, the potential impeachment of President Trump could slow up the legislative process for the remainder of the year.

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