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June 4-10, 2019 Dispensary Compliance Updates


In Arizona, new cannabis testing regulations will take effect November 1st, 2020 and require Arizona dispensaries to have products tested for contaminants and toxins by a third-party laboratory. The Arizona Department of Health Services will have approximately 18 months to form an advisory board and finalize the regulatory package based on the new law.

In California, cannabis regulators posted a new frequently asked questions webpage to address questions that dispensaries, cultivators, and consumers might have regarding California's legal cannabis industry.

In Maine, Governor Janet Mills (D) signed a bill making it easier for out-of-state patients to obtain medical cannabis and clarifying other provisions of the state's medical cannabis program. Separately, the legislature's Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee will be holding a hearing on cannabis regulations.

Also in Maine, recreational marijuana rules are now up for review following the end of public comment period. Immediate next steps include review by the Legislature’s Office of Policy and Legal Analysis, Legislative Council acceptance of the late-filed rules, and the drafting of a resolve by the Revisor of Statutes that would permit the Department of Administrative and Financial Services, which oversees the OMP (Office of Marijuana Policy), to proceed with rule making.

In Oklahoma, the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) field inspectors will still assist businesses in completing the license process, but they will also begin compliance checks for dispensaries and processors under the existing food code, as well as routine inspections of processors under the state’s medical marijuana laws. Examples of commonly available products which are considered food under Oklahoma law include, but are not limited to:

  • Flavored tinctures or oils placed in the mouth or in other food

  • Assorted types of baked goods, candies or chewing gum

  • Infused honey

  • Infused bottled water

  • Other pre-packaged food products

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