August 6-13, 2019 Dispensary Compliance Updates

by Jayson Filingeri,

Alaska regulators proposed changes to rules on cannabis violation fine schedules, handler permit revocation, overlapping premises and testing oversight.

Colorado becomes third state to allow doctors to recommend cannabis instead of opioids.


  • The timing of the first recreational marijuana sale now depends on whether regulators allow medical marijuana plants and products to be transferred to the new recreational system. State officials will start processing recreational marijuana business license applications Nov. 1, and anticipate some licenses could be issued that month. That doesn’t mean sales would start in November: if state regulators don’t budge, companies will have to start new crops of marijuana specifically for the recreational market, which would take months to mature. Adult-use marijuana was legalized in December 2018 through a ballot initiative.
  • Regulators published a marijuana licensing report, including 6 pre-qualification approvals, 1 licensure approval, and 1 renewal approval for provisioning centers (medical dispensaries).

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