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Feb. 25 - Mar. 2, 2020 Dispensary Compliance Updates



In Michigan on February 19th, the MRA sent notice that the statewide monitoring system “METRC” was unable to produce responses from the Patient Look-up Status inquiries. The problem lasted over 3 hours and did not impact recreational marijuana sales. Questions related to the glitch should be directed to MRA-Compliance@michigan.gov. 

In Colorado, Denver’s Office of Marijuana Policy (OMP) set a new cap for marijuana locations in the city for the first time since 2016. According to the OMP, the number of allowed locations – not actual licenses – in Denver has been set at 220 retail storefronts and 299 cultivation sites. By comparison, Denver currently has 212 marijuana retail storefronts and 247 cultivation sites, according to an OMP spokesperson.

Looking Ahead:

In California, "AB-1948: Taxation: Cannabis" has been set for hearing on 09-MAR-20. The bill would reduce the cannabis excise tax to 11 percent. 

In Maine, the Office of Marijuana Policy Newsletter released details on adult-use applications and noted that "24 cultivation, 7 manufacturing, and 41 marijuana store applications have been deemed complete and are undergoing formal review by OMP."

Over the course of the next several months, OMP and Metrc will engage with industry stakeholders through several avenues to familiarize them with Metrc. Starting in mid-to-late March, regional roadshows will be conducted throughout Maine to provide future adult use licensees with a high-level introduction to Metrc and a platform to have their questions and concerns addressed.

In Michigan, Detroit businesses are planning to sue the state of Michigan later this week in a bid to launch recreational marijuana sales in Detroit. The lawsuit will focus on Michigan's largest city not having an ordinance in place barring adult-use marijuana businesses on Nov. 1 — when the state began accepting license applications

In Nevada, the new cannabis regulatory board is taking shape as a former state Supreme Court justice and former gambling regulator have been appointed to Nevada’s new state marijuana industry oversight board. Those appointments come on the heels of the governor’s selection last October of Tyler Klimas to serve as executive director of the panel. Douglas, Neilander and Klimas will begin “regulatory groundwork” after the appointment of three more board members in coming weeks, according to Gov. Steve Sisolak.

In Washington, "Government [WSLCB] documents reveal a reduction and probable cancellation of Akerna’s Washington contract, one of only three the company currently has, casting management guidance into doubt."

The WSLCB Traceability 2.0 Work Group met and released “Traceability 2.0 Oversimplified General Workflow to Identify GUID and Reporting Requirements DRAFT” and Harvest Subcommittee – “Recommendations.” The external work group has become the locus of conversation between the agency and licensees about the future of cannabis supply chain transparency in Washington state.

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