The Future of Cannabis Commerce

by Aly Payne,

You run a cannabis storefront. Green Bits provides the POS technology and services that track your inventory and ensure your compliance. Together, we are driving the emerging cannabis economy, converting billions from the black market into legal, green currency for our communities.

Together, we demonstrate that cannabis can be sold responsibly.

Meanwhile, we often adjust to ambiguous (at best) and conflicting (at worst) state and federal policies. We endure punishing IRS codes and regulations, many administered by the Federal Reserve, FDIC, and National Credit Union Administration. In today’s climate, legal retail cannabis demands stubborn perseverance under threatening rhetoric.

We are pioneers. We expect some hardship. But, come on…

Will it always be this difficult?

Maybe not. In a new Freedman & Koski industry report, Cannabis Version 2.0: How Technology Firms are Impacting Cannabis Regulations, we find encouraging news. Freedman & Koski foresee an era of mature cannabis commerce: a future when state and federal regulations align and are built upon the foundations and technology designed by today’s hi-tech startups.While the report calls today’s cumbersome regulatory culture “Cannabis Version 1.0,” it describes an evolved era of sophisticated, data-intensive technology solutions offering seed-to-sale compliance and earning federal participation, confidence, and support. Freedman & Koski call this friendlier future “Cannabis Version 2.0.”Freedman & Koski further suggest that innovative and agile startups in the private sector are uniquely—if not solely—qualified to produce the technology that will lead us to Cannabis Version 2.0.

And why might you need to know this?

You should be proud of yourself. For owners and operators of cannabis dispensaries and storefronts, this report validates your efforts and patience as the legal cannabis industry evolves in frequent fits and starts.

With technology partners like Green Bits, you are working out the many kinks to compliance and building a foundation for future federal support and revised regulations.

You are a trailblazer whose efforts are predicted to lead to a cannabis-friendly nation.

So what do we do now?

Stay the course. You run the best cannabis dispensary in town, and we’ll keep hammering away at the Green Bits platform, creating the most-reliable and easiest-to-use POS system for cannabis retail and proving that retail cannabis can be governed to everyone’s benefit.

Together, we’ll drive a profitable, compliant future for cannabis retail that even Uncle Sam can get behind.


Freedman & Koski is a consulting firm that offers expertise in cannabis legalization to help state and local governments succeed in the cannabis sector.