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April 9-15, 2019 Dispensary Compliance Updates

This week’s regulatory compliance updates are from April 9th to April 15th and contain information for Arkansas, Maryland, Nevada, and Missouri dispensaries.

In Arkansas, the State Department of Health has certified nearly 9,519 patients who have at least one of the eighteen medical conditions that qualify for treatment with medical marijuana. This is up 25% from a month ago and the department began sending out medical marijuana cards to certified patients in February. An MMC spokesman stated, “While we do not have a specific date to share, we anticipate the first dispensary inspection will take place in early April.” Stores will open and sales may commence upon completion of a successful inspection. Two dispensaries have already been slated to open soon.

Maryland regulators told all licensed dispensaries that they need to open by September 30th. All of the 102 dispensaries were supposed to be open by December 2017 when sales began, but some haven’t opened their doors yet.

Mackie Barch, chairman of the Maryland Wholesale Medical Cannabis Trade Association, said “If you can’t get open in that amount of time, these licenses need to be reallocated. The commission has gone out of its way to give people an ample amount of time to get open. If you can’t get open, you probably have some sort of issue that can’t be resolved."

Nevada faces complaints about secrecy in awarding licenses to sell marijuana in the state's booming legal marketplace, boiling over into lawsuits and legislation that appear poised to pry open the process. Several companies have sued the state tax department, arguing that no one knows for sure the criteria officials use to award new licenses. A judge heard the case on Monday, April 15th concerning secrecy in the state’s licensing process.

Missouri will begin accepting medical cannabis cultivation, processing, and dispensary applications on August 3rd, 2019. Licensing decisions are expected by December, and they anticipate medical marijuana products could be available for sale as soon as January 2020.

As of March 28th, the state reported it had received 471 of those forms for: 256 dispensaries, 142 cultivators, and 73 processors.


Brittany Radice

Compliance Officer

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