5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a POS for Cannabis Retail

by Jayson Filingeri,

The Countdown to CA Cannabis Compliance

As the California Board for Cannabis Compliance (CBCC) recently announced, any retailer who opened shop on January 1, 2018, has until May 1, 2018, to either get their annual license or apply for a 90-day extension to their temporary permit. This is another strong step toward enforcing cannabis retail compliance in California.

Compliance is not a choice, but the POS is.

As cannabis storefronts seek their licensing, they inevitably question how they want to manage their compliance. Do they hire a dedicated compliance manager focused on monitoring Metrc accuracy? Or do they invest in an automated process powered by one of many point-of-sale (POS) software and hardware platforms? Most dispensaries and storefronts choose an automated software and hardware solution to avoid the time-consuming, error-prone efforts of manual compliance. But in choosing a platform, the promise of automation is not enough.

Not all platforms are the same.

California compliance demands fail-safe data integration with Metrc, the state’s chosen database. However, few POS vendors have the experience required to ensure optimal Metrc integration. For example, Green Bits is the only POS system integrated in the oldest and largest Metrc markets (Colorado and Oregon). Green Bits is also the only POS system certified and integrated with  Metrc  system in 7 other states besides California –  Alaska, Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, and Oregon. Green Bits has the hard-won, valuable experience that ensures reliable Metrc integration and compliance.

Choose wisely.

While Green Bits would be a wise choice for CA Metrc compliance, the meticulous cannabis retailer is likely to research the breadth of cannabis POS offerings, looking to separate fact from fiction (bud from weed?). Retailers should, in fact, ask questions of vendors that demonstrate Metrc integration expertise. POS vendors should prove their credentials in a demo or via customer-reference checks. And the well-informed cannabis retailer will want to ensure that key features of the POS software are already in use and in market. Beware of promises. Look for what’s live.

Ask five questions of a POS service vendor.

Essentially, the cannabis retailer should ensure that data entry and a manual login to Metrc is not required for frequently used everyday workflows.

  1. How are the incoming manifests entered into the POS? 
  2. How are inventory adjustments made in Metrc? 
  3. How do you close a package in Metrc? Show me.
  4. Can you explain how the POS splits or merges packages, and are they reflected in Metrc?
  5. Are daily sales transactions reported to Metrc? Would there be anything else I’d need to do?

If companies can’t demonstrate all five of these functionalities, they are ill-equipped to claim truly automated Metrc compliance.

Protect your profit with the right POS.

As seen recently in Washington and Oregon, the cost of just one citation for non-compliance can cost far more than an annual subscription to a Metrc-proven platform like Green Bits.

Wouldn’t choosing a Metrc-savvy POS like Green Bits be better?



For additional guidelines in choosing a Metrc service provider: