420 Sales: Analyzing Cannabis Sales on April 20th 2019

by Aly Payne,

This report summarizes retail activity in the legal cannabis industry for April 20, 2019. The data is derived directly from the Green Bits system. In this report, you’ll see:

  • Average Store Sales on 4/20
  • Average Item Price on 4/20
  • Average Discount on 4/20
  • Average Number of Items Sold per Store


About Green Bits

Green Bits processes approximately 1 in every 4 dollars of legal cannabis sold in the U.S. annually, serving more than 1,000 legal cannabis retailers.

Green Bits will periodically release data pertaining to the legal cannabis industry. If you are interested in a specific data set, please contact Keegan Bales at kbales@tridentdmg.com.