2020: A Look Forward

by Stu Waters,



You may be aware that Greenbits recently underwent a restructuring. This was a pre-pandemic course-of-action to reaffirm and strengthen our focus on that which matters most to you: product enhancement and support.

Greenbits is the complete cannabis retail management platform. The pioneering leader of regulated retail, we empower 1,200 locations across 13 states with over 22,000 budtenders and store managers using our platform every day.  As the market-share leader, Greenbits rings nearly $4 billion in sales annually, comprising one-third of cannabis sales in adult-use states. With the largest and fastest-growing network of cannabis retailers, Greenbits is the best-selling and most-trusted cannabis retail platform nationwide.

And we’ve only just begun.

In just the last couple months, with our latest funding round secured and a streamlined approach, our product and service is better than ever.  Our Support Team has increased response time nearly 30% and are twice as likely to resolve an issue on first contact. As for stability, we’ve seen a 74% decrease in events that might slow a purchase at the register. On the product side, our new Express Check-In feature has earned an overwhelmingly positive response. As Greenbits continues to evolve, 2020 is shaping-up to be our most exciting year yet.

Representing a 41% increase over last year, Greenbits rang more than $300 million in sales last month. With $1.1 billion in sales processed through April – a 34% increase over last year – Greenbits is the first retail software provider to surpass the billion dollar mark this year. 

All of which translates to your success.

By simplifying the complexities of regulated retail, Greenbits makes cannabis commerce safer, smarter, and easier for everyone. From source to sale, Greenbits helps you save time by optimizing operations, increase revenue by maximizing store performance, and grow your business by identifying opportunities to expand into new areas.

Our mission is to empower you with the essential retail management tools and solutions you need to run, protect, and grow your business with ease – and we’ve never been better able.

Be well. Be amazing. Be your best with Greenbits.