The Activist’s Guide to Cannabis Organizations: A Comprehensive List

The cannabis industry has activists, researchers, and organizers to thank for its current renaissance. Without decades of pressure on dedicated non-government organizations pushing for policy change in key states, there may never have been a legal cannabis industry at all. Cannabis dispensary owners are playing a role in a bigger movement, whether…

by Stu Waters,

Social Inclusion in the Cannabis Industry: Which States Are Leading the Way?

  The events of the past few weeks are challenging peoples’ preconceptions about race and equality. While many communities have yet to engage in meaningful discourse…

by Stu Waters,

Dispensary Compliance Updates as of June 17th

This Month In Iowa, a bill raising the THC limit for medical cannabis products has passed the state Senate. The bill would also allow both physician…

by Stu Waters,

Metrc: What Dispensary Owners Need to Know About Cannabis Compliance

Learn how inventory management and supply chain logistics are the foundation of painless dispensary compliance.   Compliance is a fact of daily life for cannabis dispensary…

by Stu Waters,

Cannabis Pros Answer: What Trends Do You See in the Next 5 Years for Cannabis?

Is your dispensary ready for the change? We recently ran a contest with 100’s of submissions, and we took this opportunity to ask some of the…

by Stu Waters,

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