Cannabis Pros Answer: What Trends Do You See in the Next 5 Years for Cannabis?

Is your dispensary ready for the change? We recently ran a contest with 100’s of submissions, and we took this opportunity to ask some of the nation’s frontline cannabis professionals what trends they expect to see in the next five years. While 2020 is off to a rocky start, there is reason…

by Stu Waters,

COVID-19 Safety Tips for Dispensaries: How to Keep Your Employees and Customers Safe

  Find out how dispensaries are guaranteeing safety in the time of COVID.   Cannabis dispensaries have earned the distinction of being “essential businesses” in many…

by Stu Waters,

5 Revenue-Boosting Strategies to Implement in Your Dispensary

Optimizing the dispensary sales process is more important than ever. As of mid-May, many states are beginning to lift pandemic restrictions, while others are announcing near-term…

by Stu Waters,

Include These 5 Things on Your Budtender Job Application!

Being a budtender isn’t as easy as it looks.   Dispensaries put a great deal of trust in their budtenders. Not only are you responsible for…

by Stu Waters,

2020: A Look Forward

  Greetings, You may be aware that Greenbits recently underwent a restructuring. This was a pre-pandemic course-of-action to reaffirm and strengthen our focus on that which…

by Stu Waters,

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