There Are Still Plenty of Unfilled Positions in the Cannabis Industry

Despite a rough 2020, the cannabis industry has proven itself resilient and valuable. As it matures, newcomers might feel like job opportunities are becoming more scarce. In reality, however, the industry is at its largest yet. States are continuing to legalize cannabis consumption, and recreational sales are climbing upwards. New jobs are…

by Stu Waters,

The Dispensary Owner’s Guide to Trichomes

Today’s commercial-quality cannabis is entirely unlike the black market marijuana it replaces. Cultivators now enjoy access to equipment and expertise that very few people had in…

by Stu Waters,

Choosing a Dispensary: How Customers Choose a Favorite Store

Marketing in the cannabis industry is a notoriously complex challenge. All legal cannabis states have different laws regulating dispensary messaging and channels, most of which are highly…

by Jayson Filingeri,

Cannabis/Weed Packaging: How to Stay Compliant

State cannabis regulators dedicate the majority of their time and effort to a single goal: preventing the diversion of cannabis products to minors and the black…

by Jayson Filingeri,

Budtender Training: Master the Art of Cannabis Retail

Invest in your dispensary’s most visible employees, and your customers will repay you many times over. Most retail employees don’t receive any formal training before they…

by Mary Briggs,

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