Cannabis Packaging: How to Stay Compliant | Greenbits

State cannabis regulators dedicate the majority of their time and effort to a single goal: preventing the diversion of cannabis products to minors and the black market. Weed labeling and packaging compliance plays a major role in meeting this end. While the goal of preventing minors from consuming cannabis seems like a…

by Jayson Filingeri,

Budtender Training: Master the Art of Cannabis Retail

Invest in your dispensary’s most visible employees, and your customers will repay you many times over. Most retail employees don’t receive any formal training before they…

by Mary Briggs,

ID Scanners in the Dispensary: How to Handle Customer Data Privacy Concerns

Answer some of your customers’ most pertinent data privacy questions before they ask. Enterprise data breaches frequently make headlines all around the world. People are becoming…

by Mary Briggs,

Discounting in Cannabis: How to Leverage Price to Your Advantage

Discounting must be informed by real-world data to be effective. Discounts are a powerful psychological motivator for customers. The idea of getting a valuable product or…

by Mary Briggs,

State Tax Revenue is Down – Can Cannabis Revenue Fill the Gap?

Cannabis tax revenues offer an easy boost to counter pandemic-impacted tax revenues. The economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will ripple through American society for years…

by Mary Briggs,

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