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Our mission is to empower you with the essential retail management
solutions you need to run, protect, and grow your business with ease.

United by a passion to make regulated retail safer, smarter, and easier, Greenbits is a diverse team of big thinkers and problem solvers committed to your success.


About Greenbits

We’re a talented team of Silicon Valley veterans, small business entrepreneurs, engineering techies, compliance experts, and just good people. With offices in San Jose, California and Portland, Oregon, we embody and reflect the values of our communities: diversity, inclusion, innovation, and ingenuity with a pioneering sense of adventure, an undaunted sense of purpose, and progressive worldviews. We identify as visionary, sincere, good-humored and tenacious, and we are united by a common goal: your success.

As the pioneering leader of regulated retail, Greenbits is the complete cannabis retail management platform. Founded in 2014, we empower 22,000 users in 1,200 retail locations across 13 states. As the market share leader, Greenbits rings $4 billion in sales annually, comprising one-third of all cannabis sales in adult-use states. With the largest and fastest-growing network of cannabis retailers, we serve the most locations, reach the most customers, process the most transactions, and ring the most sales in the industry, making Greenbits the best-selling and most trusted cannabis retail platform nationwide.

Why Greenbits

As an operator in the brave new world of cannabis retail, you’re a member of a pioneering community at the forefront of dramatic change and opportunity. The opportunity is great: to do what we love, to earn a lucrative living that aligns with our passions, beliefs and principles, to improve the health and quality of life in our communities, and to make the world a better place for future generations.

But with great opportunities come great challenges, and that’s where we come in.

Greenbits is here to help you seize your opportunities and overcome inherent challenges. By simplifying the complexities of regulated retail and empowering you with essential retail management tools and solutions, we make cannabis commerce safer, smarter, and easier for everyone. Everyday we strive to elevate cannabis retail to be more efficient and more enjoyable: Owners maintain compliance with complete control, confidence, and visibility over their business, managers use our automated actionable insights to drive faster and better decision-making, inventory managers audit and move product with ease, and budtenders keep the line moving by ringing more sales in less time, all of which ensures the consistent delivery of quality customer service that builds relationships, drives repeat sales, and grows your business.

From source to sale, Greenbits takes care of the day-to-day grind and legal requirements, giving you a competitive advantage by enabling you to focus on the good stuff: Optimize operations to save time, maximize store performance to increase revenue, expand into new areas to grow your business, and elevate the regulated retail experience for you, your employees, and your customers.

Overcome your challenges. Seize your opportunities. Be your best with Greenbits.

It’s time to kick some cannabis re-tail!

Greenbits Leadership

Charlie Wilson

Chief Revenue Officer

Proven leader with a mind for the big picture and an eye for the details. Twenty years of executive experience with pioneering technology, payments, and commerce companies. Natural networker, quick study, and strong advocate of payment solutions for cannabis retail. Earned two engineering degrees: B.S., Arizona State University; M.S., Stanford University. Dreams of playing a lot of golf in Mexico so he can learn golf and Spanish at the same time.

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Sarvesh Mathur

Chief Technology Officer

Passionate, self-aware leader who enjoys innovating and fostering the growth of world-class teams. Was the first engineer at multiple startups as well as a proven technology leader in $3+ billion enterprises. Highly experienced at managing engineering, DevOps and QA locally and offshore at early stage companies. Dedicated to startup journeys as well as spiritual ones. Anxiously awaits the Singularity so he can merge with AI and never have to type again.

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Bridgett Thurston

Vice President of Finance

Innovative finance leader who promotes creative problem solving by advancing strategies based on data and associated projections. Brings 15 years of experience with a diverse profile of companies, from globally recognized public technology leaders to mid and late stage SaaS startups. Led global transformation of financial planning and analysis with improvements in processes for multiple companies large and small, and helped lead others to successful exits. Enjoys scenic runs, oil painting, and oil painting scenic runs. Bridgett’s a rock star!

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